Monthly running, slowly but surely

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Today I participated in the Bridge to Brews 10k, part of my New Year's resolution to participate in some kind of sanctioned run every month. I met my goal: finish and don't come in last. Despite feeling a little more injured and slower I actually ran significantly faster in this race than my last one. In the Shamrock Run I finished the 15k at a 7:57 pace. For this one I managed a 7:24. Not too bad!

The run took us over the Fremont bridge, in and around parts of northwest Portland and back over to the east side, via the Broadway Bridge toward Emanuel Hospital where we started.

My next run on the horizon is the Cinco de Mayo Half Marathon.

I'm pooped. Time to rest and enjoy the sun that's peeking it's head out today. This week is supposed to get in the 70s. I may have to organize a work-from-the-beach day trip.