Secret dinner gigs

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This evening my pretend-jazz ((After a couple years of being unsure how to describe the original tunes we perform I think we've finally nailed it. It's a much more honest and memorable assessment than jazz-ish or jazz-y.)) duo Inky Shadows has a gig at someone's secret dinner party. It'll be our first gig since I got back about three months ago, and the first in over a year.

What is a secret dinner party you ask? Well, it's sort of between a supper club and an underground restaurant, you might say. In our case it's really just a dinner party, but I understand it's a regular, ongoing thing for this particular person. The guests can be anywhere from a few to forty or more, though this evening there will be eight.

I'm looking forward to it, both because it's nice to be playing music with my friend again and because something about the idea of a secret dinner gig really appeals to me.

This event keeps making me thinking about a movie I saw in high school called The Last Supper. In that film a bunch of liberal arts students invite over people whose politics they disagree with and kill them over dinner with poisoned wine. It features the timeless casting decisions of Bill Paxton and Cameron Diaz.

Man, I hope this party doesn't turn out like that.

UPDATE: The gig got canceled, sadly, due to the chef being very ill. I think this totally confirms my fears about how this dinner party would turn out.