Alas, no NYC Marathon for me this year. Unless...

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I entered the drawing for the New York Marathon at the end of January but was informed today that I was not selected.

Too bad. I was enjoying the idea of having something with a designated destination and time later in the year on my calendar. At the moment the only thing fitting that description will be my friend's wedding in early July.

As an alternate approach I could look to join a team, but there is a fund-raising requirement to this approach. The one that they're really pushing is Team for Kids. The commitment is $2,620 which I find more helpful to think of as 131 sponsors at $20 a pop. I could probably find some people willing to give more, but that's a reasonable ballpark. That also excludes what would be about a $366 general fee to join the team and register for the marathon. Oof.

Is it worth almost $3,000 to go wreck my body on the other side of the country?

The answer is not an immediately 'no'.

Maybe I should simply register for the Portland Marathon now and be happy with that. Though a big part of the appeal was getting out of town and being somewhere a little less familiar...