Turning obstacles into opportunities.

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I love my hot yoga. It's the perfect mixture of physical and psychological therapy for me. One of the things I've always known about myself, and reaffirmed over the past year, was that my body is a little happier when I'm in warm climates. That... doesn't exactly describe the Pacific NW. But I've found an increased dosage of yogic hot-boxing does wonders for me.

The theme this evening was turning obstacles into opportunities; a particularly good one for me in my life right now as I'm struggling to find footing after being away for a year. The instructor told us the story of Ganesh and the Moon, but the version she told doesn't quite jive with the version on Wikipedia.  In her telling Ganesh uses the broken tusk to break the moon into pieces, creating the phases of the moon. And then... something happened. Truthfully I was kind of spacing out at that point, ruminating on my own things. I guess Ganesh showed the moon who's boss? It had been laughing at him after all.

No matter — turning obstacles into opportunities is a solid theme. One I intend to take into today.