An app idea for grammar enthusiasts

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The idea is this: an easy way for readers of a particular piece to notify the author of simple typos and omissions. The thought came to me when I started noticing the first comment following a piece was sometimes used to let the author know about such mistakes. It was perfectly understandable and (usually) polite, but seemed like a silly use of a comment, particularly weeks or months later after the mistake had been corrected.

The service would be called Grammar Allies, of course, because it's the opposite of being a Grammar Nazi.

My thought was it could be a little icon similar to the RSS icon or share icons we're used to seeing. You interact with it, fill out a brief summary of or otherwise identify the error and off it goes to the author — no need to bring it into public discourse.

I'm throwing this idea into the ether. Should you or anyone you know run with it please let me know!