My handmade guitar picks

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Roma Guitar Picks.

Here's the gist of it: I've relaunched my handmade guitar pick business — Roma Picks. If you're a fancy of thicker plectrums for gypsy-jazz styles, or just like thick, beautiful picks that make acoustic guitar sound great, please give it a look.

Now, a little back story: A few years ago I started dabbling with hand made guitar picks. I had become addicted to the thicker, gypsy-jazz style plectrums you can find at places like Django Books. However, I kinda felt like a sucker plopping down $10 or so for a single pick when I knew I was going to inevitably lose them at gigs, or somewhere stupid like the woods, as I did the other week at my family reunion.

In the interest of being kind to my wallet and in the interest of finding new hobbies, I started making my own picks. This led me through many adventures learning about and experimenting with sandpaper, files, emery boards, the aisles at Tap Plastics, laser-cutters, polyurethane finishes and exotic hardwoods:

Roma Pick Samples Smiling Guitar Picks